Betsy Ryder | Black Label Burlesque

Pushing Limits, raw and best served on the rocks! This edgy artist has soul and plenty of spice! Check out the full cast of talent and visit them online to get advance tickets to the next show! 

We are hyped to announce our support for the extremely talented Betsy Ryder from Black Label Burlesque, she is a passionate artist performing out of Edmonton, Alberta

Betsy has been on the dancing stage for most of her life with a strong hip hop, jazz, lyrical, modern dance, and ballet background she brings a special twist in her routines that are sure to put a smile to your face and bring the twinkle out in your eyes.

Betsy has branched out from all her great roots to become a co-founder of Black Label Burlesque! She went from the sweet girl next door to the sweet girl that has a dirty little secret.