DIEHEARTED is a crossover metal band based out of Saskatoon. Their debut album ‘Defiance of One’ was released in 2017 and  can be found on all streaming music services. YZER Apparel is Proud to endorse this talented group and strongly recommends you give them a listen at diehearted.ca 

 They have recently performed at a Saskatoon Rattlers game during halftime (see above) and they absolutely shook the building! Live performances are Diehearted's specialty, they are truly talented and leave it all on the stage. I had the chance to see them live @ The Starlight Room in Edmonton on April 20th after they dominated and were crowned the "Kings of Sask Metal" earlier in the year. Let me tell you they put on one of the best live shows I've witnessed! From the fearsome melodic voice of Robyn Dolezar, bone-crushing percussion delivered through Andrew Aubut, as well as the heart-skipping riffs laid out by DC Belhumeur to the face-melting guitar solos of Jason Mceachern they are the real deal.