Cost Of Shipping

Shipping is Free for USA / CANADA above $150.00 CAN (before tax is applied)

Shipping Fee on Items and Orders above $19.99 CAN will be $9.99 per Order unless it meets the above criteria for Free Shipping or if it is under the Art category.

How Our Shipping Works / ETA

Expedited Shipping Begins when your order departs our warehouse and or manufacturer, not when its accepted into the system. Please allow two days for the payment to process and 5-10 business days for the product to be crafted as most of our products are made to order. It takes anywhere from 7-35 business days to recieve your goods from the date it leaves the manufacturing facility, we do our best to provide up to date tracking on your product so you are kept in the loop. Our fraud prevention team will look over the order and analyze the billing / shipping information. Orders may be placed on hold if any information needs to be verified, to ensure the fastest shipping time for your order please make sure your billing / shipping information matches. If an issue arises you may be subject to provide further information which could delay your shipment. 

Right To Refuse

Due to electronic fraud being extremely prevalent these days we withhold the right to cancel any order if we believe it to be placed under fraudulent circumstances. YZER Apparel must take extreme precaution to ensure your money as well as ours is protected. 

Tracking Your Order

You will recieve an email confirmation once we have recieved your online order. When the payment is processed and the goods are created / packaged, our team will email you with an approximate date of when to expect arrival. More information will be relayed when the item is closer to the expected arrival date. You may contact us for further inquires in regards to your order below. Please allow us up to 24-48 hrs to reply.


Can I Cancel? / Change My Order?

Unfortunately once you place an order it is entered into production automatically. Since we print to order on most our items we ran into issues of slowed production, and therefore we implemented an automatic production system to try and help with a more timely delivery. Our orders are taken and issued to our production team faster now which leads to a quicker turn around and happier customers. Due to this, order cancellations and or modifications are not possible after the first 24 hours, even if the items haven't shipped yet. However, as previously mentioned, in the spirit of providing excellent customer service, we will accommodate a 24 hour period after the purchase is made to cancel or modify the order. If you have any questions or concerns please contact our customer service team below.