Our Vision
We express our passions by creating unique designs that we apply to products
which not only exemplify our lifestyle but make it a reality

Our Story

YZER Apparel is a North American clothing brand / art collaboration, founded in 2019 by Bren Grise and Anthony Touchette. Their free-thinking creative vision combined the nostalgic feel of the 90's and the forever merging vitality of modern art, skate, sport, and music cultures to form YZER.
YZER Apparel is focused on the pursuit of equality, quality and originality. Our goal is to stand up to the horrendous practices of production used in the clothing industry and stand up for those with limited voices in harsh circumstances. Our YZER brand apparel is made in countries where human dignity is held in higher esteem than the bottom line. It's our peace of mind guarantee allowing all parties to feel better about their purchase. All Items carrying the YZER name have been created by our collective of artists / graphic designers and strive to meet the requirements of quality, durability, originality and creativity. 

From the beginning, YZER Apparel has been interested in establishing a natural relationship with inspiring, provocative and upcoming figures in music, art and sport, hoping to provide future industry leaders with a platform to showcase their skills and talents. YZER Apparel is also deeply rooted in the belief to speak up against ignorance and injustice as well as provide assistance to charitable causes regarding the well being of the environment, our youth, the underprivileged, animals and the betterment of society as a whole. 


Printing Process

We partner with a 500+ person team across 3 Countries, USA, Mexico, and Latvia, allowing us to see our designs become a reality. These printing artists create each individual piece by hand, insuring authentic originality in each item sold. Due to the pieces being hand placed and printed no two pieces will be the exact same, one must also take into account there may be a migration of 0.5"-1.00" in regards to placement on the articles of clothing as well due to these unique circumstances. 

 Joining the YZER Team

Be featured, feature us, get involved or collaborate on a collection/design. To aspiring creative entrepreneurs, who have a knowledge for marketing, a personal brand or some form of online presence, a high level of professionalism and a passion for building and growing relationships; please read on.
  • Do you have a talent that you want to showcase to a larger audience?
  • Are you capable of developing brand awareness?
  • Do you want to take advantage of a platform that provides free brand and talent exposure?
YZER Apparel is looking for artists, musicians, ambassadors, influencers, graphic designers, carpenters, sculptors, etc. If you think you can support the cause and bring your passion to the people with us, please contact us today and join the YZER team.
Email: yzerapparel@gmail.com